The Sunderbans Jungle Camp, designed and built responsively to the local architecture and locally available materials like brick, mud, bamboo and thatch, is a community-driven ecotourism initiative on Bali Island in Sunderbans, which has provided the local poachers turned conservationists with a livelihood. “This has set an example for sustainable development and has been described as the most successful projects of Help Tourism” by Outlook Traveller.

The design of the Neora Valley ecotourism resort, above lava in North Bengal, evolved in response to the contours of the hills and the pristine forest across the valley. The attic rooms of the cottages and the wide balconies overlooking the valley are carefully crafted to experience the layers of many hills and the depth of nature of the Neora Valley Forest, a listed world heritage site.

The eco tourist cottages at Roing in Arunachal, situated in a valley surrounded by mountains on three sides and overlooking the rivulets are designed on stilt with wooden floors, outdoor decks and balconies, balancing the orientation of the cottages to the mountains as well the slope of the valley overlooking the stream of rivers in the distant.

The jungle camp at Chilapatha in the dooars and the eco tourism resorts at Jharkhali in Sunderbans are awaiting implementation.