The Bishnupur group of terracotta temples and Santiniketan are the two cultural heritage sites from West Bengal which are in the Tentative List of the country which will be nominated to Unesco for consideration as a World Heritage site in due course.

At the recent regional conference on revision of the tentative list for plausible world heritage sites of the country, organised by the Advisory Committee for World Heritage, the following sites were recommended by the West Bengal Tourism for inclusion in the list which is under consideration namely the Historic City Centre of Dalhousie Square; the tropical Botanical Gardens at Sibpur, the European settlements on the banks of River Hooghly and the Howrah station and the historic bridge as a serial nomination to the Victoria Terminus in Mumbai, declared as a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 2006.

The nomination dossier of Santiniketan as an outstanding universal significant site, was prepared by us. The process of nomination is still underway. The historic city centre of Dalhousie Square was selected as one of the 100 sites in the world by the World Monuments Fund of New York on the basis of our nomination in 2004 and 2006.

The significance of the European settlements on the banks of River Hooghly has been published as a book by the Royal Netherlands Embassy in New Delhi; and we are involved with the Conservation of Sreerampore Initiative of the Museum of Denmark, beginning with the specific tasks of restoring the historic St Olav Church and the Danish Governor House.

Conserving Build Heritage: Art Matters
Sumantra Ghosal (Director), India Foundation for the Arts, Bangalore (Producer) 2006